Moo-ah! 2017 - The Report




Wow! What a weekend – even we enjoyed it!


Everybody involved was so chilled out and willing to help, all the planning worked and everybody had a great time. The Raven Hotel was full with Band members wanting to stay the whole weekend.


Thanks to all the Bands, and a huge thanks to Danny The Sound Guy and his team who worked hard all weekend.


Thanks finally to the Moo-Crew! and the staff at The Raven.


Unfortunately, we were down 40 tickets on Moo-ah! 2015. (Can anyone tell us why?) This resulted in some cutting of the budget and we are pleased to report that the loss was kept down to £460.00.


However, ProstAid, our chosen cancer charity, did very well thanks to your generosity. The tins were opened and counted at Uncle Ian’s Rotary Club.


The charity auction of Clint Walker’s piece of UMRK sound cable and Rupert from ZERO’s electric Ukulele raised £145.


Dave and Ruth from G&S Music were giving away ‘surplus stock’ in return for donations and they stuffed an amazing £183 into their tin.


The other tins (helped by our own tin rattler, Charly Girl) raised a further £143.


This brings the total to be donated to ProstAid to £417.00.


Thanks for your generosity. Thanks again for coming. Tell your friends what they missed.


And see you again in 2019?


-         Uncle Ian & The Idiot Bastard
April 2017


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